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picture of Ulla with small dreads Ulla filming a protester
 Hi, my name is Ulla
 I have studied journalism part-time as a postgraduate at Napier University for a Masters of Communication Arts.

I enjoy talking  to people and learning from them. I have an honest interest and curiosity in  their beliefs,  experiences, projects and their lives. But despite being open, I also ask background questions and assess the information critically. I like to investigate an issue in depth when time allows, when fascinated by a topic or when the odds don't add up.
However, I also try to be as upfront and honest as possible and maintain a high level of quality, trust and integrity.

I like writing for print and web, and record and edit audio pieces for web and radio. I also made several small documentary video clips so far, which have also been published on the web.

My special areas of interests are social justice issues, the effect of globalisation, medicine and veterinary medicine, news, documentary films, gardening, pets, GNU/Linux and Free Software.

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